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All Rise Awards

“We hear the phrase ‘All Rise’ when presidents or judges come into the room, but I'm thinking all of us rise — not just one person being exalted. We are all exalted and lifted up by love. It's this idea of making do with the scraps, of resurrection and ascension, and of whatever the current situation is, it can get better through love.” – Gregory Porter

This year, we’ve seen many local heroes rise up in their communities, helping others and standing up for those who need it most. Nominate someone you admire for an ‘All Rise’ Award! Share their story and why you are nominating them using the hashtag #AllRiseAwards on social media for the chance to be featured & win a special award.

Winners chosen for their good deeds and inspirational stories will receive a ticket for themselves and their nominee to attend one of Gregory’s tour dates in 2021, where they will be honoured during the live show.

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